“Das Supertalent” – Conclusion
Elena Goldthrott wins

Written by Kay Patrick

The magic of the piano, the magic of simplicity and the sustainable delicacy of the ears: in the magnificent “Supertalent” final, candidates blessed with unusual gifts compete for the crown of dazzling figure and prize money of 50,000 euros.

Trained dogs, crazy pool ball swallows, and psychedelic flute sounds: what the “super talent” community hasn’t celebrated in the final stage over the past 14 years. This year, however, the field of participants at the finish line presented itself from a different angle. Instead of four-furred friends, this time real exceptional characters from the fields of dance, music, magic and creative body control are fighting for the coveted title.

One can definitely say: the standards were not as high as this year. The newly formed jury and the cheering audience in the studio can hardly wait. Constantly teasing showmates Lola Weippert and Chris Tall are still in the middle of their first verbal duo deciding, when the eyes and ears of everyone in attendance get the full programme.

“Did you train in secret?”

As in the opening show, Elena Turkan tiptoed as the first nominee. Dressed in a pristine white princess dress and surrounded by a thousand tiny lights, ten-year-old Schubert’s “Ave Maria” slams into the microphone, flashing to the ears of Paul Potts in faraway England. “Did you train in secret?” asks Chris Tal. Well, maybe I did a little. Frankly, Brother Andreas was dumbfounded: “This was the most beautiful Eph Maria I’ve ever heard,” said the magician, as he celebrated the opening of the impressive show.

A successful start marks the beginning of a talent journey that knows no bounds. Light dance fireworks from Ukraine (Light Balance Kids), Cologne Gospel, fueled by upbeat jazz (Na Moulema), energetic dance on high heels (Karabo Morake): Attentive jury, made up of Dutch presenter Chantal Janzen, Ehrlich brothers, world champion Lukas Podolsky and fashion expert Michael Michalsky, as well as the entire studio audience, can’t stop applauding.

The art of food is impressive to the heart and soul

In addition to a lot of fun and enjoyment, which reaches its absolute climax with the appearance of young Japanese artist and simple magician Kaiichi Iwasaki, there is also an impressive artistic food for the heart and soul. For example, 15-year-old Helena Berlinghof charms everyone present with melancholy piano sounds. The “Inclusion Dance Show” embodies the sense of Italian inclusion the greatest force in life with a warm collective message. And when cheerful Brazilian Vitoria Bueno is immersed in her neoclassical world of dance (Vitoria was born without arms), even big bunnies like the Ehrlich brothers get big glass eyes: “I’ve reinvented ballet,” the magicians rejoice.

Magical shadow play at the highest level (Drew Colby) and the perfect blend of technique and dance (Chris Croce) complete a field of casting, from which the winning audience holds hearts at the end and is honored with the title of “Super Talent 2021”. Just before midnight, little Elena Turkan threw her hands in the air. The audience decided: The Super Talent 2021 is still going to primary school, he should already be in bed and sing better than everyone else in the hall. We congratulate and all agree: “Aveeeeeee Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

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