Danna Paola sorprendió con nuevo look

Mexico /

Dana Paula is one of those Mexicans who break it in every way: from the music to her songs like the fame Even appearing in TV series like elite And even in fashion too, well, after being blonde for a while, the actress dyed her hair to change up her look.

Translator Hey Pablo She was surprised on her social networks by appearing with a new look, which quickly turned her into a trend on Twitter, where her fans praised her new style, and the young woman had already said that she was tired of blond hair.

The Mexican actress posted on her Twitter account, a tweet in which she said that the blonde was already tired of her, so she changed her appearance, and her fans were already waiting to see the actress from elite With her old hair color.

He wrote on his social networks, sharing several photos of his new haircut: “Back to basics, back to my true soul, hi Brown, goodbye, 2021. This bitch is back.”

And so Dana Paula became a social media hit when she finally showed off her new photo that the singer appeared with long brown hair, so she and her fans would be able to say goodbye to the blonde that marked her. in the last days.

Danna Paola plans to release a new album in 2022, and she hopes to continue with the same success as “KO” that earned her a Grammy Award nomination.



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