Aracely Arámbula paralyzes the internet when she appears in a matching outfit and is showered with compliments

The actress shared the controversial photo on the occasion of the Day of the Dead

by: Valeria Contreras N.

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in the last days, Arasili Arambola She made headlines for allusions allegedly sent to her by Luis Miguel during the new season of his autobiographical series, and although the actress has kept quiet about it; currently, Paralyze the internet by dressing up for Day of the Dead.

The heroine of TV series, such as “Hug me strong very strong”, used her official Instagram account to share a photo showing the strange outfit she wore to remind loved ones that she was no longer by her side.

He took advantage of the post to show his presentation of the important date, in which, in addition to traditional skulls, he placed everything from candles to pumpkins.

“Have a nice day, remembering our loved ones who are gone forever. Blessings, light and a lot of love,” said Araceli Arambolla as a description of the photo, who accompanied the shot with a series of heart-shaped emojis.

Within hours, “La Chule” garnered thousands of likes, among which were the reactions of celebrities such as Ana Barbara, Maribel Guardia, Michele Faith, Mauricio Mancera and even his lawyer Guillermo Bos.

“You look divine”, “simply beautiful”, “precious”, “you are in love”, “how beautiful”, “every queen”, “beautiful as usual”, “beautiful”, “what a beauty”, “the most beautiful”, “What a beautiful woman”, “Monument Woman”, “True Goddess”, “You are the best”, “You look beautiful” were some of the messages received by Araceli Arambolla, who through legal proceedings prevented her and her two children, Miguel and Daniel from being named , in the Luis Miguel series.

These are the pictures that Arasli Arambula showed her children


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