Exchanging blows during a knowledge test…

On Saturday evening, singer Lukas Podolski (36 years old) faced a brainstorming contest on TV on RTL’s “Am I Smarter Than…?” Among his notable opponents was comedian star Thanna (28), who did not find a funny decision at all by host Günther Gausch (65).

There are also: presenter Guido Kantz (50) and comedian Martin Clemnau (48). While Poldi had already solved all the tasks beforehand, the others had to work first in the studio. However, the former footballer had already mastered greater challenges and saw himself ahead in the field. Podolsky is confident of victory: “I have no problem with mental work. Most of the goals I scored are with my head.”

During the show, he could lean back and his opponents started to sweat. When mirror images were supposed to be deciphered as quickly as possible, things got especially hot. A watch can be seen in the mirror. It was a matter of naming time. Yosh to his candidate: “You can waste two minutes.”

Lukas Podolski and his opponents Guido Kantz, Tahni Sávarczyk and Martin Klimepnau (from left).Photo: RTL / Guido Engels

Tahnee guessed it at 9:40pm and it was a little off the mark. 9:37 p.m. would be correct, as the supervisor then finished. But he did not expect the comedian to protest. She wanted the points anyway and attacked: “Those two or three minutes…that’s hard!” But in Jauch she bit the granite. He explained to her like a great teacher: “Firstly, there are the rules, and secondly, the uncle said them beforehand.”

There were occasional boos from the audience. My bend was really annoyed that Professor Gauch, who compiled the test based on scientific criteria, agreed to the supervisor. She was hoping to get help from the audience in the studio. “Are you saying it’s okay at 9:40 p.m.?” she cried vigorously. Reaction: Applause from the stands. But this didn’t help either. Jauch could only smile wearily even then. By the way, everyone guessed wrong in this round.

Lukas Podolski happily talks about his life

Lukas Podolski happily talks about his lifePhoto: RTL / Guido Engels

There were laughs from the game “From Life”. “The sin of youth,” Lukas Podolsky said. Cologne player: “I was taking the word ‘Express’ out of the box.” And with just a little bit of sensitivity, he was able to get past the coin slot. Regarding Gauche’s statement “Very plagiarized!” Boldy responded with lightning speed and followed him with a broad smile: “The door has been opened for someone… because the money has been broken…”

In the knowledge test he was long ahead, but then his opponents left him behind and he ended up in 4th place. With a total of 35 points, Poldi was still seven points above the average for all Germans, Gauch emphasized. Martin Klebnau won the race with 47 points.

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