Alibaba despide a ejecutivo acusado de abuso sexual

An employee of China’s largest e – commerce company Alibaba on Monday fired a manager accused of sexual harassment and promised to strengthen its policy against sexual harassment.

According to reports from local media, he released on Saturday the sexual abuse he experienced during a business trip by his manager and a corporate client. Her manager had previously stated blindly that she had been forced to drink alcohol and that her manager had sexually abused her in a hotel room while she was drunk and that she too had been caught by a client.

The employee said the company did not take the issue seriously when the employee reported the abuse and that the suspect would not be fired.

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said in a statement Monday that the defendant, who works in the overseas retail division, had admitted to “intimate acts” with a drunken employee. Zhang said the manager was fired for violating company policy. The identity of the employee has not yet been released.

“If he commits an offense or indecent act that violates the law, it will be determined by the authorities,” Zhang said.

The other two executives – the head of the neighborhood retail division and the director of the human resources department – resigned over allegations of misconduct.

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