Carmen Salinas will undergo a tracheostomy and gastrostomy to continue feeding
The actress and singer has served the hospital for 12 days since suffering a stroke (Photo: Quartoscuro)

Carmen Salinas has spent 12 days since suffering a stroke that left her in a coma and on assisted breathing on November 11, when she was admitted to a hospital in the Roma neighborhood, Mexico City, and was reported to be in a normal coma. Since then.

Attention to the health of the 82-year-old politician, actress and singer has increased due to the sensitivity of her recovery. For this reason, your family provides updates on a file Procedures outside the hospital Where is its location.

After his family and doctors did not release a report on his health over the weekend, his granddaughter Carmen Placencia and nephew Gustavo Briones on Monday night provided details of the progress of internationally known “Carmelita”.

Placencia confirmed this in an interview with the media in the next few days Carmen Salinas will undergo two surgeries to clean up the phlegm in addition to her dietEasier to perform.

Carmen Salinas will undergo two surgeries (Image: Instagram)
Carmen Salinas will undergo two surgeries (Image: Instagram)

It will be the first operation tracking, the same will be practiced this Tuesday. Also, next Thursday, after a break, the doctors are planning to do surgery gastrostomy. The family said neither procedure posed any danger.

“We will start with the operations that are being followed, which is the tracheostomy, which will be done tomorrow, and they will do the gastrostomy on Thursday. So it’s not serious, it’s the steps to follow (…]Intubation hurts the vocal cords and lips. They are at risk of infection,” the relatives reassured.

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In addition, explain it in detail The former federal representative has begun to perform more physical movements that mirror the procedures doctors are doing with herLike daily reviews. They also reported that a new CT scan showed the bleeding was declining, which they rated as a positive.

Finally they revealed that Salinas is still stable, “lOr which one can take as positive‘, so he will continue to recover inside the hospital until there is a noticeable improvement over the days.

Carmelita Salinas will leave television and Maria Rojo will take charge of portraying Margarita Domínguez Negret,
Carmelita Salinas will leave television and Maria Rojo will take charge of portraying Margarita Dominguez Negret, “Donna Magos” (Image: Instagram / @mifortunaesamarte)

On November 19, Carmelita Salinas’ doctors released a new diagnosis for the actress and He decided that if he woke up, he wouldn’t be back at work anytime soon.

This result arose because the singer also He worked in the TV series “Mi Fortuna es Amarte”. After waking up from the coma, The Mexican will have to focus on her rehabilitation And he will have to put his artistic life aside, at least for a while.

Relatives of Carmelita were responsible for informing the public through a statement on the actress’s Instagram account.

“To the general public and the media: through this medium we communicate that with the instructions of the doctors Mrs. Carmen Salinas, If he regains consciousness, he must undergo a rehabilitation process that does not allow him to engage in short-term work activity. This is because he was doing various projects. We continue to pray for his speedy recovery and appreciate all expressions of affection towards our family. Sincerely, Salinas Lozano Family, “You can read.

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and for this, Televisa He has already made his decision known as to what will happen to the character of Carmen Salinas in Mi Fortuna Es Amarte. They announced that Maria Rojo will be responsible for the embodiment of Margarita Dominguez Negret, “Donna Magos”.

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