Yes drummer Alan White dies at the age of 72

(Seattle) Alan White, the (almost) drummer of the Yes group, who also played on projects with John Lennon and George Harrison, died Thursday at the age of 72.

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Chris Gregel
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His family said on their Facebook page Thursday that he died at his Seattle-area home after a short illness.

A few days ago, the band announced that due to health issues, White would not participate in the upcoming Yes tour of the 50th UK tour.H Memories of the historical album close to the edge.

Alan White joined Yes in 1972, replacing original drummer Bill Bruford. In a group notorious for frequent member changes, White has been around ever since. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, as a member of the band Yes.

Although he did not play in the historical album close to the edgeWhite has gone on to appear on every Yes studio album over nearly five decades, including the band’s last album, searchreleased last year.

A significant player in England’s “progressive rock” scene, which had grown in popularity in the early 1970s along with bands such as Genesis, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, Yes was particularly known for his intricate arrangements and the musical skills of each of its members.

When Progressive Rock fell into disuse in the late 1970s, many bands associated with the genre struggled. After another makeover, but with White staying behind the drums, Yes knew how to reinvent itself, in the ’80s, as a more solid group, which attracted young adults more sensitive to “heavy metal” and the visual icons of music videos. So in 1983, Yes released the hit album 90125.

Long-time resident of the Seattle area, Alan White was born in 1949 in Belton, County Durham, England. His family said he started piano lessons when he was six and played drums when he was 12.

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White began playing with bands in England during the 1960s, and in 1969, John Lennon asked him to join him plastic belt. White sang 1969 in Toronto with the Lennon Band, which also included guitarist Eric Clapton.

He also played with the other Beatles, contributing to the drums for George Harrison’s solo album All things must pass (1970).


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