Unusually Unnatural: Katie Price is proud of her 13-year-old daughter

Unusually abnormal
Katie Price is proud of their 13-year-old daughter

Katie Price posted a recent photo of her daughter, Princess Tiami, on social media. However, a 13-year-old is difficult to recognize. Her doll-like appearance not only creates enthusiasm among former pit slut fans.

Katie Price is definitely not a famous woman for her natural nature. But the fact that the only 13-year-old daughter, Princess Tiami, is from a former British prostitute, already showing very similar trends, is matched by a lack of comprehension among many people.

In 2007, Price announced that he was pregnant and was expecting to have a girl. Until then she said, “I’m going to buy a lot of pink things and furnish your room in a girly way.” The result of their 13-year-old’s gender-specific upbringing can now be seen on a photo on Instagram. In any case, the doll-like appearance of Princess Tiami’s daughter causes a lot of comments between the amusement and the horror.

“I grew up”

“I love my pretty princess who has grown up so much,” writes the 42-year-old Price of the teenager. And Princess Tiami really does look adult, with makeup and styling primarily responsible: long false eyelashes, smoky eyes, lots of blush, soft blonde curls, and especially a lot of shine on her lips, which Princess Tiamey poses in the shape of a kissable mouth. The comparisons with the controversial fictional character Barbie are perhaps not so far-fetched and pile up in the comments column.

Most followers think the look is totally inappropriate. They say too much make-up, everything is unnatural for a child. For example, one user wrote: “What happened to Let Babies be Babies ?! I’ve always been a big fan of you, Katie, but that’s a lot. ”Another says,“ She’s a child, not a doll. ”

The last time Katie Price made headlines was when she broke her legs last summer. Recently, her 18-year-old son, Harvey, had reacted so strongly to his Corona vaccination that he had to be hospitalized. In addition to himself and Princess Tiami, Katie Price has three other children: 15-year-old Junior Savva, seven-year-old Jet Rivera, and six-year-old Bunny Heller.

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