The 41-year-old columnist announces happy news, happy netizens!

Before ending the TPMP season, Cyril Hanoun admitted to viewers that the show had been renewed until 2026. Faced with the huge audiences the host has achieved this year, C8 has already decided to trust for another four years where it will be on the air to entertain and inform us.

And while Season 9 has just ended, viewers are already eager to see who will be the columnists who will be running around the table over the next season. In 2022, many changes have already been made along the way and new faces such as Danielle Moreau and Ludivine Rettore have appeared on screen on a regular basis.

In response to a question from Jordan de Luxe, Ludivine Rétory also revealed her salary. “We have seasonal contracts.” We have a number of shows per week that we name together when we re-sign. Whether we’re on screen or not, we still have a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month. She explained before revealing that she collects about 3,500 euros a month.

Ludivine Rétory shows off her round belly
A “good salary” for the 41-year-old journalist, mother of two. This Tuesday, July 5, 2022, the writer also surprised her subscribers with the appearance of a round belly on Instagram. She’s already shared a video made up of souvenirs for Manon, her eldest daughter who just got her bac with honors! Some of the writer’s shots show when she was pregnant and younger, then after giving birth and over the years with her daughter. A wonderful publication that melted its subscribers and praises its children.

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