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Who would be able to turn down a perfect fairy tale of a future filled with hard work and still uncertain?

The blue sky glows over a green field full of roses and in the distance a palace rests on a hill. Start Cinderella by amazon studios He plays with the viewer by pretending to be another traditional version of the popular children’s storyBut this feeling only lasts for a few seconds until… The whole town begins to dance to win the rhythm of the nation by Janet Jackson. And then it remains only to tighten the belt to be surprised by a text Kai Cannon (The pitch is perfect, new girl) that while preserving the structure of the story, He also twists it, breaks it, and rearms it to create his perception of a happy ending.

She (Camila Cabello) is a young orphan who lives with her stepmother and unmarried wives Trust your own talent a ticket From that basement and from the housework of her maids. “You have to be fierce, you have to be bold, you have to be cunning,” she sings as she feeds her young friends. teat? Let the whole world know the dresses you designed for her and to make it happen, You just need a great opportunity!

There’s also Prince (Nicolas Galtzen), of course, who is under pressure from his father, King (Pierce Brosnan) to find a wife. With this goal, the palace He organizes a big banquet that surprises in this production the performance of the actors and dancers on the dance floor. (Suffice to say that Army of seven countries In this great scene), without depriving the audience of it Romantic meeting between Cinderella and Prince to win excellent by Ed Sheeran.

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Billy Porter It appears in the middle of the bar Like a fairy godmother she wears so she can appear in the dance. “Ah yeah! That’s what makes a successful entry,” she says after she reincarnates and creates a dress that Cinderella could only dream of achieving. “A shining star so you can see what your life could be, what it really could be”Shouted.

And soon the mice also turn into humans to accompany them to the dance AndOh surprise, one of them is James Corden! (who is also listed as one of the producers of this musical).

What follows will be a series of decisions that will separate (or not?) to the characters of their traditional roles With Narrative that allows us to understand their motives, even those who at first glance appear as villains, like the stepmother (Idina Menzel, from whom you may remember glad to meet you, 2007).

Is the happy and perfect ending already written or should everyone build it according to their dreams? What the protagonist knows is that her future has a name written on it: Hey, remember that.

Cinderella (2021) Available in Ecuador for Amazon Prime Video subscribers.


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