Marina Fu

Marina Vo is very complicit with her sons. In an interview with Tele-Leisure This Monday, June 27, 2022, the French actress recounts the day Lazar and Georges scolded her, in the face of two fans who asked her for a selfie. They did not utter the words!

Marina Vo is leading an impressive career. Revealed with Robins des bois, the famous French actress Portrayed in many French comediesSuch as Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra’s Mission or RRRrrrr!!!. Then she expanded her spectrum as she acted in dramatic films, such as Oily hair loss in girls or police. His talent earned him no less than five César nominations. In the face of such notoriety, the 52-year-old actress can count on her Attending his sons to avoid taking the big head…

Marina Vu is a mother of two: Lazar was born on December 3, 2004, and George was born on September 25, 2008. Both are the fruits of her affair with her ex-boyfriend, director Eric Lartigau.. “I am raising two boys, and I find it difficult to be balanced in raising them. […] I think the framework imposed on them and the principles they are instilled in just work If we listen to them and if we look at them carefully. We should try to determine who these people are and what they need beyond what we think is useful to them, Captured in columns Madame FigaroThursday, June 23. And we have to believe that the children of Marina Voss do not hesitate to tell her out loud what they think …

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“My sons kicked my ass”

In an interview given to Tele-Leisure On Monday, June 27, 2022, Marina Vaux reveals a mildly funny anecdote: “I have two guarantees: my children”, She says before returning to the day two French tourists asked her for a selfie at MoMa in New York: I answered them: You’re crazy! We’re in front of Van Gogh, you won’t take my picture. My children angered me. They told me: “You are unsympathetic, pretentious, you should be kind to people!” It reshapes my photos.” The mother of the family seems to appreciate criticism!


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