Lyn May will open her own account at OnlyFans
The videos confirmed that she will be earning “extra money” with her OnlyFans account (Image: @lyn_may_/Instagram)

popularity Lin Mai Ha It has grown exponentially in recent months, as inspired by She got pregnant at the age of 68 It deserves to appear Various international media, because if she does give birth, she will be the first woman to achieve it at such an advanced age.

well-known star His controversial comments about Mexican and American celebrities, by correspondents of the program Fat and thinIn it, he gave details of his last trip to Tijuana.

Lin Mai said that strong disturbance Who suffered while escaping from the Mexican capital to the border city It can cause problems in pregnancy:

We were already on top of the plane and it started to thunderWe were already flying and the pilot came back. We all started screaming. He told us that there were engine malfunctions, I guess the pregnancy is over, because with that fear we are really rebornsaid the star.

Lynn May revealed that she may have lost her two children due to turbulence on a plane (Image: @vengalaalegriatva/Instagram)
Lynn May revealed that she may have lost her two children due to turbulence on a plane (Image: @vengalaalegriatva/Instagram)

In addition to expressing concern about her pregnancy, the actress revealed that Your account will be opened in OnlyFans: “Yes I’m going to unlock it because other people are making money and I’m notHappy Lin Mai on the platform as many celebrities have made fortunes by sharing sexual content For its followers, who pay a monthly subscription to access the content.

Although the some celebrities who have an account on the platform Do not upload explicit contentSomeone is posting pictures and videos For adults only. Lin Mai confirmed that she will be from the second group, where she will be published “Monkey Show Naked”.

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In an interview with first hand, the little tapes revealed the names of who it might be The grandmothers of their next childrenWell, he said he’d like Thalia or Sher He got the honor.

“You still don’t contact me, but A good thalia for the godmother or sheerHappy Lin Mai continued, “Talia, I want you to be the godmother to my children, so don’t hold back. I want you to come as a godmother to my two children, and here I want you to be a godmother.”

Additionally, accompanied by her boyfriend Marcus D1, she revealed the possible names of her children at birth: “The boy will be called Gustavo Adolfo, who is the godfather‘, Assured Lyn May, supplemented by her partner before that:Gustavo and BelindaWhich unleashed the star’s anger, who responded as follows:No, not Belinda, not the mother*“.

Lyn May wants Cher and Thalia to be godmothers to her children Image: Instagram / @Lyn_may_
Lyn May wants Cher and Thalia to be godmothers to her children Image: Instagram / @Lyn_may_

The reporter asked him the reasons for this His stomach did not growDespite being one month pregnant, she replied, “You know what happens, Pregnancy will go to me, children go to my buttocks. hips grow. If not, look at my hips how I have them,” he emphasized.

different star sharing Your ultrasound photos through social networksThe last picture of his next children was accompanied by the date.01/12/2022″, as it has been speculated that it could be the day you were born.

Although history can be interpreted as December 1 of next year, many users of social networks mentioned it coordination Which is written in it can be identical to the one used in the United States, because in this country the month number is written first.

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