“I will be 100% at the service of this utopia.”

The Portuguese director, who will succeed Olivier B in 2022, gave us the main lines of his project. Ecological Transition, Openness, Emergence, and Social Cohesion: Thiago Rodrigues, who wrote Love Letter as an app, says he’s “excited for what’s to come.”

At the end of the press conference where we learned officially of the appointment of Tiago Rodriguez at the head of the Avignon Festival, Roslyn Bachelo, Minister of Culture, Cécile Hill, Mayor of Avignon, and Françoise Nessen, President of the Board of Directors of the Festival directors rose to make way for the Portuguese artist, to warm applause from the audience.

The new director will take over on September 1, 2022. He has plenty of time to prepare for his first edition in July 2023. It’s time for the handover with Olivier Bey (who will leave his duties on August 31, 2022) in a “harmonious tiling”, The minister wished, without mentioning in outline the project of the future head of the city of the popes: “She is guided by poetry, her ambition is European, with a strong regional anchor. He wants to make the festival a head of research for all the adventures of the scene.”

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