Another relative of Ortiz de Pinedos who after 33 years participates for the second time in
The staff of the new production of “Dr.Cándido Pérez” (Image: Televisa)

Sunday night, the new version of the seriesDr. Candido Perez, produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, directed by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Legend of the Lepritos by Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo. The family will also be present in front of the cameras As an unknown member of the family will accompany the hero.

David Ramos, known as Rebornero, will participate asFather Camilo In this renewable production The only original cast member to come back after over 30 years of acting In this new version. Ramos also participated in other projects with his uncle Jorge, to which he was invited family of ten.

David Ramos is best known for leading the news show "Matutino Express" (Photo: Instagram / @candidopereztv)
David Ramos is best known for hosting the “Matutino Express” news show (Image: Instagram / @candidopereztv).

“I think that It’s a very romantic part, At least for my family to know that, who is the son of Dr. “He became his brother today,” Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo commented regarding the return of his cousin who went from being an Inocencio to being the protagonist’s brother.

“For me it is very important, because I consider myself from home, since 33 years I have made Inocencio, starting in my career, I will never forget the first scene with Lupe Vázquez, where I had impressive nerves before entering. What I feel is a very deep emotion because I am with my family, in my house, we are a new family with the staff“I feel people are going to have a lot of fun with this project,” El Repor commented.

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The character that will represent the nephew Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo Originally played by actor Juan Verduzco, who participated in Neighbors, family P. Luche and recently in family of ten.

David Ramos will be Candido Perez's brother in this remake (Image: Instagram / @matutinoexpressoficial)
David Ramos will be Candido Perez’s brother in this remake (Image: Instagram / @matutinoexpressoficial)

“Now I do it after 30 years and after 30 kg, but I am very happy and very excited, It is a guarantee that Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo will direct this project‘ the actor concluded.

The actor who will play Dr. Candido Perez, Arath de la Torre . has spoken Infobae Mexico On the first episode that viewers will be able to watch: “It’s a very emotional, great episode that will tantalize the generation of the ’80s and bring that generation of 2021 that comes with everything. So beautiful, he will plant us characters, we will meet his family, how Comedy series, starting with zeros. Candido really brings weight, we are creating a new character who empathizes with the generation of the 80s and with the new generation, without a doubt, times have changed.”

the actor "He studied well" The character because he played it in shows like "Parodies" (Photo: Televisa)
The actor “studied” the character well because he played her on shows like “La parodia” (Image: Televisa)

He also explained that unlike the original series, this version would avoid the sexual agitation and abuse that it could generate with the new ideas of society: “It’s a project that went through the script through many filters, and it wasn’t randomly written, they just take care of all those aspects where we change gender For sensuality. We focus more on the family than on what can be generated in the office. The situations that are created are pleasurable outside of being sexual, they are more sensual and fun, and they are not something that offends, indicates or denigrates at any time.”, stressed the driver. .

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From the hand of Jorge and Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, they sought the original formula, the ingredient that made the program a success: Recording with the audience brings modernity and spontaneity, a situation that was able to adapt in the midst of the pandemic:

Arath de la Torre and Iran del Castillo will star in the new version of "Dr. Candido Perez" (Photo: Instagram / @castillo.iran)
Arath de la Torre and Iran del Castillo will star in the remake of “Dr. Cándido Pérez” (Image: Instagram / @castillo.iran)

“There is a live audience, with all the proceedings, they made booths so the audience wouldn’t get hurt, there were schedules, they couldn’t be more than two hours, they are at other times, but Dreams come, you don’t know under what circumstances, but you have to try to adapt. How nice it is to be able to do this in something so difficult for humanity, ”the translator concluded.

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