The new anti-Covid measures announced by Jean-Castix on Monday evening, which are reflected in particular by the return of the scale of parties and popular gatherings, do not apply to political meetings. But there is an explanation…

She was not completely surprised after the closure of nightclubs, but really disappointed, on Monday evening, artists, show organizers and concert hall managers noticed the return of the scales for large popular gatherings. 5,000 people max outdoors, 2,000 indoors and a three-week ban on concerts was a hard blow to the cultural sector but also to the sport that was apparently self-confessed when Jean Castex, at the conclusion of his speech, referred to “fed” even “those who They suffer from the epidemic as an “endless movie”…

The constitution above all

Tightening of restrictions to combat the spread of the Omicron variant and still active trading of Delta passes less As was questioned a little later at a press conference, the Prime Minister was keen to specify that this temporary regulation that will be reviewed at the end of January will not apply to political gatherings. It is clear that the candidates for the presidential elections will be able to gather as many participants as they like and free themselves from all restrictions imposed on the event sector, starting with presenting a health card to all those who wish to attend the meeting …

Julien Doré “In Encounter”, Eddie De Briteau “Candidate”

Passage or “layer” privilege? The simple application of the law saw fit to justify the head of government, stating that political activities were protected by the constitution and, as such, the existing power was forbidden to impose any rule whatsoever.

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Interpretations that did not convince many artists, such as Julien Doré or Eddie de Brito, expressed their disappointment with humor and irony. He added, “In a meeting,” the first was on his tour poster, while the second falsely declared that he was a candidate for the presidency, adding, “I organize my meetings here,” with reference to the dates and places designated for parties. His second album.

I am the President of the Republic ud83c uddeb ud83c uddf7

Eddy Depretto (@eddydepretto) December 27, 2021

The presidential majority will lead by example

Given the inability to impose anti-Covid protocol on candidates in the election campaign, the executive branch calls for their sense of responsibility. Richard Ferran, president of the National Assembly, said a presidential majority would set an example, in respecting the principle of metrics. For its part, the National Rally, which plans to gather 3,000 Reims supporters on January 15, will recommend wearing a mask and respecting the barrier gestures.


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