Polinesios piden respeto y empatía a la hora de usar las redes sociales

Ten years ago it was a road Polynesians On YouTube, ten years they’ve become image and champions of various products and campaigns, making music, shows and videos that have connected with their audience and now, they’re celebrating the unveiling of three immortalized figures at the Wax Museum, appearing seated on a sofa and dressed in the outfits they were already wearing.

However, this decade has also left them with many learnings, growths, and changes. Currently, the entertainment medium has seen how some influencers, as in the case of YosStop, have had to go to court over what they shared in their content.

“I think the lessons are not just for content creators but for anyone who has access to a platform where they can listen to you, right now, content creators have a greater responsibility but I think every user who uses the internet has a responsibility to be respectful of the different ideas of others, and as we said before, Sympathy,” Karen Polyncia commented during the unveiling of her three sculptures which are available, as of June 16, at the Wax Museum (London #6, Col. Juarez, CDMX).

Leslie added: “We should be more careful, and know that you have a responsibility when you put or write something, or comment to mention something, be more careful,” while his brother commented that if something leaks into their private life, try to take it in the best way and learn from it .

“You have to see the darkness and what can be learned from that and above all, learn that we are human, and that we can all record things that may not be what others expect or think, but in the end it does not matter, we come into this world to experience,” the brothers added

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The brothers emphasized that the key when using social networks or creating content is to do so with respect and empathy.

“If there is one thing that makes this planet rich, it is that we are all different, that every head is a world, you have to open your mind a little bit more and listen to everyone,” Karen said.

She, Rafa and Lesslie celebrated the unveiling of their shield and said the anniversary is a twist and a door to new things they’re preparing, including shows, books, new music, and more.

“It’s crazy, the truth is that when we got an invitation from the wax museum, we couldn’t believe it, at first I remember we were even crying because it was such an impressive thing, it was a very long process, many hours and many days to take action, and after you check in What we’re seeing now is, well, three years, but I think the numbers arrived at the right time, the right time to start celebrating ten years,” Rafa said.



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