VIDEO: El cohete de una 'startup' estadounidense 'se marcha' de la plataforma de lanzamiento por una falla de motor en el momento del despegue


29 before 2021 03:53 GMT

She temporarily recovered and reached an altitude of 50 km, at which point the team decided to finish the job.

The third launch of a Rocket 3.3, named LV0006, from the Astra space company, which took place on Saturday at the Pacific Spaceport Complex (Kodiak Island, Alaska) resulted in an engine failure, forcing the mission to terminate and reach Nasaspaceflight portal.

Less than a second after takeoff, the first stage engine failed, causing a side lift next to the platform. LV0006 recovered in an instant and almost arrived 50 km altitude Before the team shuts down the engines, finish the job.

“We had technical difficulties, but we succeeded,” he added 2.5 minutes Flight data. Every launch, successful or not, is a learning opportunity. Our team will study the data and use this information in our next release.” books The company is on its Twitter account.

It should be noted that this is the third launch of Astra, and the first with a payload on board. The mission is part of US Space Force program

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