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Paris, June 14, 2022

art. L233-8-II of the Commercial Code and ART 222-12-5 of the General Regulations of the Arab Monetary Fund

Issuer company name: JBOG

Calibration Nature: ISIN FR0012872141

arrest date

The number of shares that make up the capital

full name of

Theoretical voting rights*

full name of

Exercable voting rights

May 31, 2022



28563 957

* The total number of theoretical voting rights includes treasury shares and takes into account shares held in registered form for more than two years with double voting rights.

Group site


Bogart group

ACTUS Finance and Communication

[email protected]

Such as. : 01 53 77 55 55

Anne Boleyn Petoro

Analyst/Investor Relations

Such as. : 01 53 67 36 72

[email protected]

Manon Claret

Relationship press

Such as. 01 53 67 36 90

[email protected]

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Total number of voting rights and capital:

– Information related to the total number of voting rights and the shares that make up the capital

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