Good End 2021 is far from sales target

The goal you set private sector It was 239,000 million pesos, the economic spill reported last year, according to Javier Treviño Canto, director general of the Council for Coordination of Business (CCE), on September 22 when the 2021 edition of El Buen Fin was presented.

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El Buen Fin 2021 Edition Released 31,731 million pesos in online salesIt represents 16.5% of total campaign sales including cash payments. If the best 7 days of Good End 2020 were compared with the 7 days of Good End 2021, then online sales recorded a growth of 45%.

the The Ministry of Economy I mentioned that it was created 153.7 million card payment transactionsIt represents 73% of all sales. the average ticket Recovered in 2021 1,304 in credit card payments. On the other hand, payments with Debit They remained stable and reached 599 in this edition.

During Good End 2021 they inform 30.5 million e-commerce transactionsIt represents 20% of the total operations generated by cards.

The average sales ticket generated by the online channel is slightly higher than the campaign’s total output, coming in at 914 pesos. The total payout ticket was 914 and when divided by the payment method, the debit card stays fixed (510 pesos), while the credit card ticket is redeemed against last year (1,572 pesos).

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