China chose Shi Lita.  Fdi: Clarify your reports

While journalists haunt the ghosts about money Russia would have given some European parties, a country like China – a key ally of Vladimir Putin – is engaging Italian (and other) politicians through the holding companies of luxury and multinational corporations. And it puts them in a clear salary. And they responded in kind, praising the Silk Road. Made in Italy is plunging under the unfair competition of the Chinese Dragon, which is taking advantage of tax havens in Delaware, New Jersey and London to pay as little tax as possible on the massive profits of their business. However, no one is indignant with the leader of the main left-wing party in this country (the heir to that Chinese Communist Party who, thanks to the uncontrolled communist ruble river, spread the biggest fake news about the Soviet regime in Italy) or his relations with even Chinese companies close to Xi Jinping as Tojoy – who appointed him Vice President of the West – flaunts her autobiography.

The only voice of protest is that of the Brothers of Italy: “The involvement of the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, in companies linked to China, is a serious, troubling and dangerous fact for Italy. After reading it, stop mocking the Italians, immediately clarify the nature of your relations with Beijing and honestly explain your position at the international level, which in words is called Western and Atlantic, but in fact risks being too attached to your work. . ”, says the party of Georgia Meloni, in the same hours he was recklessly questioned by the Republic as the beneficiary of the Kremlin’s money, without any evidence of these financial donations in black. On the “Chinese” Lita, journalists are as silent as the leader of the Workers’ Party himself, no one bothers him. The level of red press in the election campaign did not collapse like this, but so be it. “What the newspaper revealed reveals the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and its secretary who are proposing in Italy a progressive and repressive tax system, but keeping for himself and his companies tax havens like Delaware, where the money can be better hidden than Panama. As the Guardian wrote, MP Fede Galeazzo Benami asserts, Which requested “clarifications regarding the transparency of its international position and the sincerity of its position on the side of Western forces.”

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The problem of revolving doors between politics and business is a central issue. It’s the infamous elite takeover, “the hiring of former high-ranking politicians on national strategic corporate boards” that Copasir spoke about in her August 19 report. From Gerhard Schroeder – the German chancellor who ended up at Gazprom and is linked to the construction of the Russian-German gas pipelines 1 and 2 – to the former Czech commissioner Stefan Vol, hired by Cefc China Energy, to the former Prime Minister of Belgium Yves Loterme, co-chair of the China Investment Fund ToJoy, the same company that hired Letta. So much so that the European Parliament on March 9 of this year approved a resolution “on foreign interference in all democratic processes in the European Union, including disinformation.” “Many politicians – the alarm bell from Brussels – including former European politicians and public servants, are appointed or selected by corporations controlled by authoritarian states or private foreign companies (attributable directly or indirectly to the influence of Russia and China) in in exchange for their knowledge and harms the interests of EU citizens and member states.” It is the identity of Enrico Letta. But don’t tell the newsletters, chasing red shadows.


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