Mahsa Amini and Iranian women have applied for the 2023 Sakharov Prize, but the association is focusing on Musk

Mahsa Amini And the Iranian women They are the absolute champions of Sakharov Prize 2023It is the most prestigious award awarded by the European UnionCommitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms. In fact, MEPs submitted their nominations on the afternoon of September 20, and well Three parliamentary groups They have distinguished themselves in favor of women who have been taking to the streets for more than a year to protest their rights and Against the hijab law.

The struggle of Iranian women – But the three groups, which also make up the current majority in the European Parliament, used different formulas. First for everyone Socialists and Democrats – a group to which the Democratic Party belongs – nominated “the struggle for women’s rights in Iran, specifically Zeina Mahsa Amini and the Women, Life, Freedom movement.” the People’s Party — a group in which Forza Italia is active — suggested instead “Gina Mahsa Amini and Iranian Women.” Renewing Europe – Emmanuel Macron’s Action and Renaissance group – nominated “Mehsa Amini, the Women’s Movement, Life and Freedom, and Iran.”

“Misk against censorship” – A very different choice Identity and democracyThe group to which the association belongs chose the South African billionaire Elon Musk, owner of X, Tesla and SpaceX. An advanced nomination, as stated on the European Parliament website, because Musk would have “He denounced Twitter management’s previous practices (nowAgainst excluding individuals from platforms Because of their political beliefs.” The “Ed” option, which was requested by the Secretary of the Northern League himself, Matteo Salvini. “With his commitment X.

As for the other right-wing formation of the European Parliament, i.e Conservatives and reformistsInstead, he chose another nomination: “The pro-European people of Georgia And fromFormer Ombudsman of Georgia Nino Lomgaria. The group, headed by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, justified its nomination by recalling “the efforts made in… Defending rights And the “protect democracy”. Lomjaria, in particular, defended “the rights of people who were victims of discrimination – such as those who fled Russian-occupied areas of Georgia, ethnic and religious minorities, children and the disabled.”

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“Vanessa Nakate against climate change – At the level of leftist formations, a group Greens/European Free Alliance its name Vanessa Nakati. It’s about a Ugandan young man Common b Combating climate change For Human Rights: He is best known for founding the Fridays for Future climate movement in Uganda and, together with other young Africans, the Renaissance collective. Selection of group varies the leftHe nominated threeWomen fighting for free abortion“Safe and legal.” First, Justyna Wiederzynska, a member of the Abortion Dream Team, was “sentenced to eight months of community service for helping a woman obtain an abortion in Poland.” then, Morena Herrera, a feminist activist who “fights for safe and legal access to abortion in El Salvador.” in the end, Colin McNicholas“An American obstetrician-gynecologist with a high-quality record of patient care and a long history of reproductive health advocacy.”

Other candidates – Then there is the nomination of the three Afghan education activistssubmitted by a group of 59 deputies in the European Parliament. The first name is that Marzia AmiriWho “founded the largest network of secret home schools in Afghanistan.” And then there Barstow is wiseWho “helped establish 90 community schools in Uruzgan Province by establishing clandestine schools after the Taliban seized power.” Finally the name appears Mati Allah WessaWho “continued to support girls’ education” until her kidnapping five months ago.

Finally a group of 42 MPs in the European Parliament Suggest Nicaraguan names Vilma Nuñez de Escorcia And Monsignor Rolando Jose Alvarez Lagos. The former has been fighting for decades “in defense of the human rights of Nicaraguans, and despite persecution, she has remained in her country.” The second is the Bishop of Matagalpa, and was “one of the most vocal critics of President Ortega’s regime. In February 2023, after refusing to leave the country, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison with his citizenship suspended.”

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Who is Andrei Sakharov? There doesn’t seem to be much doubt about who will win the award. The prestigious award – founded in 1988 It is named after the Soviet physicist and political dissident Andrei Sakharov – It should go to Iranian women: their candidacy is, in fact, supported by the group of parties that have a majority in parliament. Voting will take place in two stages. First of all, they will be selected from among all the candidates Three finalistsFollowing a joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Development Committee: the three names will be revealed on October 2. The final decision will come with A House vote In the plenary session October 19while the Handover ceremony The award will be held in Strasbourg on December 13. Whoever wins will also receive a prize pool of Rs 50 thousand euros. Last year the award winner was “il Brave Ukrainian peopleRepresented by its president, elected leaders and civil society.”


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