Apple reportedly signed a $275 billion deal with China to maintain good relations

apparently, Tim Cook is said to have signed – on behalf of Apple and in the strictest confidence – an agreement worth more than $275 billion with Chinese officials, on the condition that Apple helps develop the country’s economy and technological capabilities.

according to the information Which raises internal sources, this transaction of a five years It was reportedly conducted with the Chinese government during a series of visits to 2016 (So ​​it would have ended). Reportedly, several leaders lobbied for closer ties with local authorities. It is said that some board members are concerned about a The bad image of the company in ChinaHence the need to prove that Apple was sufficiently contributing to the local economy.

The internal documents are supposed to show that Reportedly Tim Cook Personal pressure on local officials After threats against Apple Pay, iCloud and the App Store. The CEO had then negotiated an agreement between Apple and a local committee (National Development and Reform Commission) that would have involved a number of perks in exchange fororganizational arrangements. The agreement – which was said to be only 1,250 words – is said to have been drafted by Apple’s government relations team in China.

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