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David Berryn Someone here was thinking of journalists Distance is the precursor of lies. Only if you stay close to things, and if you feel their breath and drown the soles of your shoes in, can you try to find the way to the truth. David believed in one simple rule, and that is to work on bringing in what people cannot see otherwise. And theHe is a correspondent for this for no other reason. These lines started in the past and it gives me a feeling of unreality, and it seems impossible to kill a man like David who was suffering from frenzied vitality at the hands of Islamist militias in Burkina Faso with his photographer Roberto Fraeli. They killed him while doing what had meaning in his entire life: documentation. In recent years, eastern and northern Burkina Faso has become one of the least talked about areas in the war front in the world, the branch of Al Qaeda in the Sahel, the Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM), and the Islamic State. In the Sahara Desert (ISGS), it intensified clashes and the border with Benin is now a war. Burayn knew that the further away the base was from European capitals and oil sites, the fewer western information lights would be, so he went there. Burkina, one of the least talked about countries in the world with one of the world’s most peaceful and friendliest residents To show how Islamism was trying to exploit poverty, misery and anger to cling to fundamentalism and how Islamic militiamen used it to blackmail us: Pay us or Islamize the country, let’s trade or bring down the government. To say this to David Berrien and Roberto Fryley Died.

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Poppy and campesinos

You have been introduced to David’s work Secrecy Because I made his documentaries with videos.

David had bravely told the drug route, after production in Mexican poppy fields to the border. He interviewed peasants who paid very little but who were still better than growing potatoes or tomatoes, and he met the killers and messengers and managed to decipher the aesthetics of drug traffickers and their obsession with symbols, communication and showiness that served as proof of their strength. The best quality was to make the interlocutor feel comfortable. He was a Spanish from Navarra, but he trained in Argentine corruption, and in South America he managed to live with FARC fighters in Colombia, the oldest communist guerrilla war in the world funded itself with cocaine and cocoa, then Iraq and Afghanistan, where it was said that he wanted to live if the war ended: there was everything He made him feel alive, the mountains, the sky, the clean faces, the memory of a human tragedy.

Common sense questions

When conducting the interview, David did not tend to emphasize the interlocutor: he wanted him to confess.

Then, after accepting the confession, try to ask questions that a sane bystander might ask: Why would you kill? Why are you doing this for money? Or is the world led by Islam really going to be a happy world? This is how the interviews were divided: one part in which the interviewee told himself that David did not judge him, and did not press, and the other in which he tried to ask questions that the spectators would have wanted to ask. He made documentaries where he personally became the protagonist by building an adventure of knowledge, and a feature of his tight editing work is that they sound like action movies rather than documentaries. But not a fiction, far from it. That’s why some colleagues considered it so amazing, but David tried to create documentaries with the ingredients of fiction: suspense, thriller, and unexpected finale, all while maintaining the rigor of the research.

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first meet

We met for the first time in 2018: You told him in the interview with Naples Paranzi children who took over the cityDavid was interested in these Kamorian teenagers about their relationship to death. He was obsessed with extreme places because he considered them more suitable for fixing human behavior that was stripped from the mediation of ordinary life. It was impossible for David to deceive him, but once they succeeded in Naples: he was the victim of a fraud that ended up being investigated by the Milan prosecutor’s office. To make an episode of his show on Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta, David’s production company relied on Italian brokers. The practice in these cases is to contact professionals who know the area well. David had entrusted himself to Giuseppe Yanini, a former carabinier (also investigated in the investigation of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office) who last February received a three-year prison sentence for breaching his office secrecy in connection with the Camorra investigation. Yanini’s conviction came after years of collaborating with Beren, who may have trusted the infidel marshal who – according to the accusations – had him meet actors and not ‘ndranghetiste in any building and not in a drug refinery as he was told. You wrote to David to joke that only in Naples they could deceive you. He answered promising to tell me what he was up to now once he had a good internet connection in Africa. The Kalashnikovs arrived first. David Brienne knew that he could have fallen into an ambush, he had seen and touched death so many times that he no longer felt disgusted or fearful, and it is precisely in these cases that he loses wisdom. It seems impossible that someone like David isn’t always on the road to adventure and investigation. Goodbye David, I am really sorry they did this to you, and I will miss following your moves that were the state of your life and provided your stories, these will keep moving and no ambush will stop them.

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