The Pittsburgh Pirates won a game without injury

Pittsburgh.-Starter Hunter Greene and loyal Art Warren shared the hill without giving up a kick in a full game for the Cincinnati Reds, but it wasn’t counted as a hit because the Pittsburgh Pirates beat them 1-0 on Sunday after scoring a goal. Run at the bottom of the eighth inning.

It was the sixth time in Major League history since 1901 that a team had won despite not colliding. The last time this happened was in 2008, when Angels Jared Weaver and Jose Arredondo lost despite not being defeated by the Dodgers.

Per the rules of the major league records, Cincinnati’s performance is not an official hitter because its bowlers have not submitted at least nine rounds.

In a season when most things haven’t gone well for the Reds, what happened on Sunday was an extraordinary situation.

Green (1-6), a promising rookie for the Reds, scored nine goals and was relieved to overtake Rodolfo Castro and Michael Perez by one margin for eighth. Green had 118 throws, the most this year.

Warren rested and Ben-Jamal moved to carry the bases. Ke’Bryan Hayes followed him up with a head coach for second baseman Alejo Lopez, who struggled to handle the ball before throwing it to Matt Reynolds’ short stroke for one. Reynolds’ throw was initially to take Hayes out too late.

For the Buccaneers, the Dominican Rodolfo Castro scored 2-0, and scored one. Puerto Rican Michael Perez 1-0, Mexican Alejo Lopez 3-1 to the Reds.


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