Afghanistan: Eighty female students were poisoned – Asia

Eighty schoolgirls were poisoned and taken to hospital in Sar-e-Pul district in northern Afghanistan. These were separate attacks at two elementary schools close to each other, and struck one after the other. The perpetrator of the poisoning allegedly acted out of a personal grudge. The news was reported by Mohammad Rahmani, a local educational official, quoting the Guardian newspaper.

According to the source, 60 girls were poisoned at the Naswan Kabud Ab School and 17 others at the Naswan Faizabad School in the Sangcharak district. Rahmani did not explain how the students were poisoned, but said they are fine now. The campaign against Afghan women’s rights began again starting in August 2021, when the Taliban came to power in the country. Unlike in Iran, never before in Afghanistan have there been incidents of poisoning of female students.

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