The fire in a building in the city center did not exclude a trace of a voluntary act

This Thursday, December 16, a large fire broke out in the center of the Reims. No casualties but several firefighters were mobilized.

Late in the afternoon, this Thursday, December 16, a fire broke out in an apartment building in Reims. According to a witness working at the base of the building in 31 bis Bd Saint-Marceaux, flames erupted at around 3:30 p.m. for an unknown reason. The re-flame loading took place at 5.30pm. About thirty firefighters were mobilized.

An eyewitness to the blaze released the video at 5:40 p.m. There is a thick black smoke haze. Other residents photographed the flames coming out of the house.

Residents of the building were evicted. The fire broke out from the 7th floor. The fire was brought under control at 6.30pm. According to Reims Town Hall, there were actually three fire starts. First in the afternoon in a basement, then in the second basement first, then the third fire, on the 7th floor.

According to firefighters, three people were evacuated after inhaling some smoke, and two were taken to hospital for a simple test. The apartment on the 7th floor is in ruins. The building’s 16 apartments have no electricity or gas. So are the redevelopment activities for 16 apartments, according to Remy Sevin, commander of the Marne Fire Department.

No major forecast was launched this evening, but when two people went downstairs, we were troubled by smoke. 16 apartments have been affected. The city will take the barrier to entry and work to assess their potential resettlement. The fire deposit track was not excluded.

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