Yuri Djorkaev represented Paris Saint-Germain only for one season, in 1995/1995, but he does not hide his disappointing moments in the Parc des Princes. The former France international, now 53, gave a lengthy interview to Monday’s issue of the Spanish newspaper Country. But Djurkiv described the Paris club as A great place to play footballDespite the feelings of hostility, it raises between opponents and warns Lionel Messi.

“When you play with PSG, you are against the rest of France. People hate PSG, so they hate you, tell Leo Messi. Spain is torn between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In France, there are people who love Marseille, but those who don’t like Marseille don’t hate.” Alvossen, the same applies to Lyon. But not with Paris Saint-Germain “, Did he say?

In this sense, Yuri Djorkaev said that he hopes that the signing of “world class players”, such as Lionel Messi, will help change this paradigm: “He’s #1 in the world. I think it could change their looks. I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I’ve never heard anyone say bad things about Messi. He’s a player that everyone loves to watch him play and everyone wants to watch. It’s amazing that he can.” The player who created this” he finished

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