Sahara sand cloud and air pollution in Occitania: latest forecast for this weekend

A new cloud loaded with sand from the Sahara is coming to Occitania this weekend. The sky should turn orange or yellow from this Saturday afternoon. A natural phenomenon above Europe a few days ago.

France has already encountered the first salvo of sand dust from the Sahara Desert. This weekend, as we already explained to you this Friday, is about a new offensive region.

What to expect?

The first sand dust from the Sahara is coming this Saturday. According to meteorologist Guillaume Séchet on Twitter, these are already visible from the sky over Spain and the Mediterranean. The Bay of Biscay was also affected this Saturday morning.

Dust rising from #Sable From # Sahara ‘S satellite image is visible# Europe With higher concentrations in Spain. This lift is likely to get sandy next week # France.


– Guillaume Séchet (etMeteovilles) March 26, 2022

According to the “NASA / GEOS Europe” weather model, sand clouds are expected to arrive in the region later this Saturday, late afternoon. The Pyrenees will logically be the first to be affected. High concentrations in the region are still expected to occur in Occitania on Sunday morning, especially in the fields of the Mediterranean curve, according to the NASA model.

NASA / GEOS Europe, operating on 26/03/22.

In the west, the sand reaches the Atlantic coast late Sunday and reaches the interior of the land by Monday afternoon. Data model From the European company Copernicus. In the central and southwestern departments of France, sand may rain.

A chapter on major pollution

This phenomenon continues to lead to pollution peaks. This weekend, the area is precisely under one foot Ozone Pollution EpisodeAtmo Occitanie reports from the Air Quality Monitoring Association.

Hérault and Tarn are at 4/6 of the ATMO air quality index “bad” while other sectors of Occitanie are at level 3, “down”. In these two regions (Hérault and Tarn) the company calls for minimizing “extreme outdoor activities”, reducing “leisure” and “hiking”, and “hiking” near “high traffic areas” and inviting those sensitive to take care of you.

Pollution episode in two sectors this weekend.

Pollution episode in two sectors this weekend.

A natural phenomenon

As in previous weeks, the event that affects us this weekend is natural. In fact, the hot and strong winds blowing in the Sahara are loaded with sand and rising towards the north. The latter is called Chirocco. By passing through a layer of sand suspended in the air, the sun’s rays acquire a sandy yellow or orange color under high concentrations.

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