First 'Army Of Thieves' Trailer: This is how it goes with the blockbuster Netflix zombie movie 'Army Of The Dead'!  Cinema news

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Netflix has big plans for a zombie-infested zombie world in Zack Snyder’s groundbreaking movie “Army Of The Dead.” As part of San Diego Comic Con, the first trailer for Prequel “Army Of Thieves” has now been revealed:


Matthias Schweigover has been celebrated internationally for his role as safety cracker Ludwig Dieter – in many reviews of Zack Snyder’s hit zombie movie “Army Of The Dead”, the German movie star is clearly highlighted and praised as a scene stealer. Netflix executives seem to already know what they’ve got in the actor (“100 Things”) and director (“End of Life”):

After all, the episodic “Army of Thieves” was commissioned, with not only Ludwig Dieter the central focus of the plot, but also Matthias Schweigover himself taking over the direction, even before the release of “Army of the Dead” on Netflix. The tagline on the poster that Zack Snyder tweeted a few days ago actually indicates that the spin-off should go in a different direction: “More safes. Fewer zombies.” And that’s exactly what the trailer promises.

So there was plenty of evidence up front that the prequel “Army of Thieves” would actually be more of a pure heist than another blockbuster zombie movie. After all, the zombie epidemic at the time of the work of the “Army of the Dead” was still limited to Las Vegas. And in fact, the trailer now shows that these obvious assumptions may be true!

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The rough story of the “Army of Thieves”: Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schwegüfer) is supposed to infiltrate several legendary vaults across Europe with four criminals wanted by Interpol. It seems an impossible task, because these cabinets are especially well secured and the salads are already hot in the wake of the pentacle …

‘Army Of Thieves’ is coming soon to Netflix – there’s no set release date yet. Here you can also watch the trailer in the original English version:


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