Innenverteidiger Amos Pieper wechselt von Arminia Bielefeld zu Werder Bremen.

Climbers Werter Bremen Announces a newcomer for the upcoming season. The Bundesliga return announced Wednesday, changes Amos Piper Armenia from Peelfeld to Bremen. The 24-year-old defender is coming to Weser for free, with Werder not providing any information about the contract period.


Clemens FritzThe scout and professional football leader in Bremen was quoted in the club announcement as follows: “At the age of 24, Amos already has experience in more than 100 professional sports and has already gained more than two years of experience in the Bundesliga. We hope he can help us immediately, and we’re glad he decided to join Werder despite other opportunities. ” He has already proven that he can stand out in the Bundesliga.

Piper also showed relocation and his end. “From my first contact with Clemens Fritz and Frank Baumann (Managing Directors, Editor’s Note) to discussions with Ole Werner and my handwriting here, I have always had an intention: it fits, I feel good. Not a Haken”, a professional trained in Borussia Dortmund. Added.

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