Out to the DC Store?  Warner is said to be suspending all plans with

Warner Film Studio is said to have decided at an “emergency meeting” to immediately suspend all plans for “The Flash” Ezra Miller’s next film. With fans already demanding a replacement actor, we can tell you what happened.

Warner Bros.

A week ago, Ezra Miller made a negative impression at a bar, not for the first time. Miller was arrested on March 28, 2022 after an argument with a man and a woman at a Hawaiian restaurant and was later released on bail. The couple successfully issued a restraining order against Miller. The couple allege that following the original incident and his release, Miller entered his bedroom and threatened himself. At Studio Warner, these new allegations can cause major headaches – after all, Miller is at the center of the DC universe and is the most important blockbuster.

Recently postponed from November 2022 to June 22, 2023, The Flash is one of the studio’s most important superhero films. Due to its versatile approach, the project is often described as “DC’s ‘No Way Home'” due to the versions of several versions of Batman (confirmed by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck) and potentially surprising cameos.

As the first Test screenings are said to have gone very well, some in charge have to believe that a similar box office mega hit line will be in place. It has been reported that Ezra Miller played a very good role in the film and that there was a plan to put Miller even more at the center of the DC Universe. But here we have a reason to choose the past.

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After the emergency meeting: No pictures with Ezra Miller yet?

According to it Rolling Stone An “emergency meeting” took place on March 30 between Warner and DC executives. It was unanimously decided with Ezra Miller to suspend all projects. This applies to all the planned appearances in other films in the DC universe.

At the very least Warner should be relieved that the current schedule provides room for the studio to postpone the final decision. So pause accordingly Rolling Stone Projects are currently only available, so they are not yet buried. Before making a final decision about Miller’s future in the DC Universe, the studio will have the opportunity to see how The Flash works at the box office and the general perception of the star.

Miller was on edge even in “Fantastic Beasts 3”

But this is not the first time Warner has faced the question of whether he can fire Miller: when video footage emerged of Miller assaulting a woman outside a bar in Iceland in April 2020, the studio was already discussing Millers Future.

In November 2020 the debate boiled over again. The Pirates of the Caribbean star was renamed Fantastic Beasts 3 after a court ruled that a tabloid could call Johnny Depp “wife Peter”. At the time, many fans demanded that Miller go too.

Warner did not respond to requests for comment at the time – perhaps it would have automatically removed Miller from “The Flash”. After all, leaving Miller out of one product and leaving him in another would not be debatable. Miller will be seen in “Fantastic Beasts 3” from April 7, 2022 – albeit in a smaller role (may also be due to circumstances).

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Fans are already demanding Grand Caste as a cinematic flash

Meanwhile, some DC fans see the new developments as an opportunity to re-inspire a completely different Flash actor. Grant Castin, the lead actor of the TV series “The Flash”, has also been in demand for a role in the movie for some time.

In the days since the incident came to light, there have been numerous posts on social networking sites emphasizing this old demand. Coincidentally, there have been rumors that Custin’s appearance in the upcoming drama will be one of many surprising cameos – after Miller had a cameo in the TV series some time ago.


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