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(ANSA) – Paris, May 11 – France intends to admit its responsibility for the impact of nuclear tests in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific, and better compensate the victims: this is what the Minister Responsible for Overseas Territories, Sebastian Licorno, has announced, visiting Papeete, awaiting President Emmanuel Macron arrives in early July. Between 1966 and 1996, France conducted 193 nuclear tests in Moruroa and Fangatova, two atolls in the Tuamotu archipelago, amid controversy, with all its health consequences and environmental damage. “We are not afraid of the truth, on the contrary, we want it and above all we intend to recognize it,” said the minister, who met the Polynesian President, Edward Fritsch, and the groups against nuclear energy. The round table that Macron will chair at the end of June in Paris and the president’s trip to Polynesia in early July. (handle).

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