Shot as he wandered through a Kenyan village in search of food, Lonkitu died, a male lion that was considered the oldest in the country at the age of 19 and possibly in all of Africa. The news is reported by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), which determines that the animal was last seen in the village of Olkilonyit, near Amboseli National Park, on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi. “The villagers ransacked Lonquito after robbing the cattle,” KWS spokesman Paul Gennaro told the BBC, adding that “the lion was old and weak and was roaming the village from the park looking for food.”

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“The Loonkiito was the largest male lion in its ecosystem and possibly in Africa. It was a symbol of resilience and coexistence,” commented Lion Guardians, a species conservation organization. “This is the tipping point,” said Paula Kahumbu, wildlife conservationist and managing director of WildlifeDirect. In the conflict between man and wildlife, we need to do more as a country to conserve the endangered lions.” Mourning the killing of the lion. The lion calls for measures to protect wildlife in Kenya. Farewell king of the savannah.

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