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(ANSA) – New Delhi, July 22 – Forty giant fans will be installed in central Delhi in another effort to improve air quality in the Indian capital. The $2 million project provides for a 25-meter-high tower that allows air filtration within a radius of one square kilometer: the tower will be installed in Connaught Place, a very large area. A busy commercial district featuring typical colonnaded buildings full of shops and meeting point of cafes and restaurants. However, the initiative is in the crossfire of environmentalists, who argue that the tower would consume a significant amount of electricity.

Every year, at the end of autumn, Delhi suffocates from pollution, making the air unbreathable. “Smog is associated with causes that recur every year: let’s at least try to contain it,” says Anwar Ali Khan, project manager.

“The goal is to reduce the amount of PM 2.5 particles by 50%. If the tower is successful, we will build more all over the capital.” Many experts say that this project will not change anything and will only give the “impression” that the authorities are taking action. “Smog towers are not the answer,” says Sunil Dahi of the Center for Energy and Atmospheric Research. “It is necessary to intervene in the energy sources, 75 percent, from the coal plants,” he told AFP. “The point of this tower is not to attack the problem, but to create free zones where people can breathe.”

China, the world’s first polluting country in 2018, built 60-meter tall towers in Xi’an to purify the air. But the experience was not repeated in any other city. (handle).

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