Summer promises to be why fire front is important

A fire broke out Tuesday evening at the Gorges du Tarn in Lozère due to high temperatures in recent days. It destroyed 70 hectares of forest. The early heat wave, which begins this Wednesday, raises fears of a more dangerous summer for firefighters.

Summer has not yet officially begun and the flames are already destroying several dozen hectares in our country. So this Tuesday, there was a fire in Loser at the height of the Torn Valley, which has grown over an area of ​​70 hectares in the area.

On BFMTV this Wednesday morning, Lozère Nouvelle journalist Patrick Zimmermann describes:

“There is no grass. The fire consumes very little. A simple wind blows and it starts to spin, and sometimes rises to a height of 40 meters to feed on oxygen.”

The last fire was added with those who had damaged the card for several days. And this situation could get worse. In fact, in recent hours, France has entered historically. Early heat wave chapter recorded from the beginning of the weather records.

On BFMTV this Wednesday morning, Lieutenant-Colonel Agrinier, a spokesman for the Guard fire brigade, returned to the state of affairs to continue reporting on wildfires.

“We are entering the stage of confirming the three fires that affected the department on Monday. All but one island with an area of ​​100 hectares have been completed and are still being monitored.”

Worrying but unprecedented situation

Marjorie Bertrand, a hydrogeologist responsible for the development of Image, a civic platform for visualizing drought conditions in France, explains the high risk of fire by two factors: water scarcity and high temperatures.

“Rainfall deficits range from 40% to 60% between the winter and spring months. The whole of France is affected by the lack of rain. This is the first factor. They were + 2 ° C higher than normal during the season, especially in Kard, in May, when temperatures were + 4 ° C higher than normal during the season, ”he continues.

According to him, these two factors together are favorable for fire eruption. For his part, Lieutenant-Colonel Audigier said, we must remember the summer of 2019, which was particularly deadly on the card, “that year the card experienced a particularly deadly summer with the glorious failure of the tracker in August. In Generok, the current situation is worrisome.

“This year, everything is coming a little earlier. In addition, it must be related to several episodes of Mistral that wiped out the department for several days, and the lack of rain greatly helps the plants to dry out,” D-He explains.

“One of the two is related to irresponsibility in the fire”

When we talk about heat wave and drought, we take the chapter of 1976 as an example, which is particularly long and violent. But without reaching this conclusion, according to Marjorie Bertrand, according to Rainfall, we are still in the third dry spring after 1959. In terms of temperature, it is the third warmest since 1900.

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Thus firefighters are in awe this summer. In particular, as the National Federation of Firefighters spokesman Eric Procardi recalled on our antenna on Wednesday, the fire is now affecting the whole of France.

That is why experts demand the responsibility of everyone to avoid misery.

“More than 90% of fires that occur in natural areas, including wildfires, are of human origin. This does not mean that it is voluntary, but that the creation of this fire is a human act. One of the two is related to irresponsibility,” said Lt. Col. Agrinier.

Firefighters are already widely mobilized in Bouches-du-Rhine, with about 200 of them arriving to strengthen teams as summer approaches.

There is no premonition of these episodes without echoing global warming. So, for Eric Procardi today, there are firefighters above all else in the climate. “Because the planet is burning and if everyone looks away, firefighters see it in the face.”


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