Spain, Slap To Wife Live TikTok: One Year In Jail For Violent Husband – The Video

in Spain A man was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison for slapping his wife while she was still alive Tik Tok. Thousands of users attended the live broadcast, which was attended by three other people. A hand got into the frame and violently slapped the girl’s face, leaving the other heroes of life amazed. Now the attacker – a 32-year-old identified by the initials DF in the Spanish press – has to deal with justice, which has handled the case despite the fact that the 23-year-old had not filed a complaint. Investigators tracked down the girl who was identified as Simona On social media, she admitted that she was indeed physically assaulted by her partner prior to the episode. The reason for the court judge Syria Castile and Leon ordered his deportation for three years.


According to the ruling, the man attacked his wife “publicly and openly” in front of thousands of people, with the aim of “harming her physical integrity and humiliating her.” In the video, the girl can be seen addressing her husband out of frame during the live broadcast. At one point the man violently beats her. The shocked girl touches her face and sheds some tears, while the other young men live on watching the shocking scene. “It’s not for you,” says the girl in her voice, broken with tears, “that he was really angry because I answered him.” “But who is this?” one of the boys asks. The young woman replied: “My father.” The followers who watched the live broadcast who commented were also shocked with concern. Someone remarks: “What a blow!” Someone else suggests, “Call the police.” In the end, the authorities intervened extensively even in the absence of a formal complaint.

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