A man reveals that Johnny cooked Holiday's last meal

April 15, 2021 Jean-Luc Reichmann does not receive another candidate in his program. This is actually a man who said he helped cook Johnny Holiday’s last meal.

The April 12, 2021 edition of “12 Coops de Midi” was emotionally charged.

In fact, today, Jean-Luc Reichman welcomed a unique character who made some funny expressions.

The candidate explained that he had finally helped to cook The food of the famous Tulier, Johnny Holiday.

Johnny’s last months

It was in 2017 that Johnny Holiday left this world, leaving his loved ones in deep sorrow. In fact, that year, the prisoner was left with the effects of cancer, against which he had struggled for years.

According to relayed information His last hour, The singer, who was converted into a sick room surrounded by his relatives, may have died in his office.

However, Laura Smed and David Holiday were not on that lucky day. Here is a fact that contributed to the worsening of the war between Laticia and her foster children.

A candidate like the others

During the “12 Cups de Midi” show on April 15, 2021, viewers were able to find out some details about the last moments before Johnny’s disappearance.

So, Simon, a candidate, explained to everyone that he was a junior saus-chef at the time and had the opportunity to work in the singer’s kitchens before he died. He would have helped prepare the last dinner Johnny’s life.

“It simply came to our notice then. This was during the time of Jean-Franசois Pigeon. ”

At the time, Simon was working for the late artist’s cousin, Jean-Franசois Baiz. According to the candidate, he is very close to his boss Johnny. It was for this reason that he chose to cook for the prisoner in his last days.

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His last dish

As you can imagine, Jean-Luc could not help Reichman, but let him express his interest. He asked the candidate what The last dish That Johnny ate.

“It’s crabs … The next morning, we knew he was dead.”

It was a memory, he certainly will never forget, and the audience was delighted to see it.

Now look back at this extreme image that Johnny posted to his daughter Reactions of Internet users.


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