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South Korea and the United States launched their largest joint military exercises in recent years on Monday in response to rising tensions with North Korea. At the moment, details of the operations, which will last 11 days and end on September 1, have not been disclosed, but the military authorities of both countries said they were organized due to the increased “intensity and frequency of missile tests” by the Koreans. Last year: Their goal is for South Korea to be prepared to deal with any attacks from North Korea. But the danger is that it will exacerbate the ongoing tensions between the two countries.

What started today is the joint exercises between South Korea and the United States Bigger since 2017 It stems from the will of the new South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol to take a tougher stance against North Korea. according to the most important newspapers international and the press agenciesIt will include both simulating military aircraft and tanks, and simulating attacks by North Korea.

In recent years, South Korean and US joint exercises have been gradually curtailed due to attempts by former South Korean President Moon Jae-in to reconcile relations with North Korea, and then due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, the workouts planned for 2019 were Deleted By then, US President Donald Trump, with a concession interpreted as an attempt to persuade North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to abandon the country’s nuclear program.

But in the past year, North Korea’s missile tests have intensified: the last was conducted last week, when North Korea launched two missiles from its west coast while South Korea and the United States were preparing for preparatory exercises for the exercises. In late July, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un also said that North Korea was so Willing to use nuclear weapons In the event of a “military confrontation”.

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