Premier League - Newcastle beat (2-0), Arsenal pull out of C1

Arsenal will almost certainly forget the Champions League. The authors of a tasteless process at St James’ Park on Monday evening lost to Newcastle, who the Gunners logically clearly dominated (2-0). Against his camp Ben White, former Lyonis Bruno Guimaraes, ubiquitous, allowed the Macbeths to buy their first valuable win of the season. With Tottenham five (two) five points behind, there is clearly a positive goal difference, with Michael Arteta’s men expected to beat Spurs against Red Light Norwich on the final day and to win against Everton. Anything but obviously …

Harmless Arsenal

Premier League

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05/12/2022 at 8:35 pm

When Monday night starts, Newcastle are one of the teams with the fewest balls in the Premier League. Against Arsenal, Macbeth had 67% of the time in the first half. This season, Alan Saint-Maximine and his team have taken only one point against the current “Big Six” members. They took three against the fifth. The Gunners have long been ranked fourth in 2022. But on Monday, they had everything but the face of a Champions League rival on Tottenham’s turf (3-0) on Thursday. This is the “good time” and they will definitely settle down next season as it is definitely the Europa League.

Arsenal have only scored twice at St James’ Park, and have not created a worthy opportunity to send the real thrill into the stand. Dominating from the start, and ahead of their target, Artetta’s men defended a good portion of the first action. Their face did not change completely when they returned from the locker room. Eddie Howe’s men, who dominated regionally in the first period, added a little more danger after the restart, and Ben White, who came back under pressure from Callum Wilson at a center from Jolinton, deceived his own goalkeeper (1– 0.55e). At the start of the goal, the referee returned a touch to Newcastle, but Nuno Tavares did it badly.

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A draw would be enough for Tottenham on Sunday

Emil Smith Rowe, the ghost, had already given way to Gabriel Martinelli. Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pépé followed. But nothing helped: Arsenal almost disrupted the opposing block. Wilson, with an intuitive half-pain from 35 meters (82nd), missed the law (63rd, 72nd) before coming within a few centimeters from scoring one of the season’s goals. Jacob Murphy stumbled over Aaron Ramstale after a counter that could have been better negotiated (80th). Also, it is logical that Bruno Guimaraes, who was still shining in all aspects of the game, released his own by stepping out of Wilson’s footsteps on the right (2-0, 85th) to score.

It was a terrible evening for Arsenal at all levels as Taghiro Domias left with a muscle injury before the break (39th). On Sunday, the London club will host Everton, who will have fangs in the fight he maintains, while Tottenham will move to the already-condemned Norwich. A draw would be enough for Arsenal to qualify for Spurs-C1 with a +24 against +9 and leave their opponent on the dock. In other words, a (almost) ritual …

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