North Korea, mine explosion on the border: some Pyongyang soldiers killed

North Korean soldiers were killed or injured in mine explosions while participating in land clearance operations Or other operations in areas bordering the South in an incident that occurred after other soldiers from Pyongyang crossed the border before returning to their bases after warning shots were fired from Seoul.

The news of the casualties came from an officer in the South Korean General Staff Pyongyang is installing “unidentified structures” that look like anti-tank barriersHe planted mines and cleared the area to enhance security along the demilitarized zone since last April. According to the officer, the goal will be to prevent soldiers deployed on the border and residents of the region from fleeing to the south.

Before this incident, the incident was reported by Seoul Yonhap News AgencyThe entry of some North Korean soldiers into the South in the second violation of this kind after the violation that occurred on June 9. According to the General Staff, between 20 and 30 soldiers with working tools crossed the demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel, before the South Korean soldiers fired five warning shots, forcing Pyongyang's army to turn back.

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