Sinjulani’s New NATO Job: What the Ex-Minister Would Do With $1 Billion Funding

Roberto Cingolani, former Minister of Environmental Transition, has found a new job: he is joining the board of directors of the NATO Innovation Fund. This was revealed in a press release from the same organization that has it Shown The first three nominations out of the nine that will make up blackboard out of the box. Klaus Holmesfounder and number one Swiss investment fund laxterHe is in the presidency. Beside Fiona Murray, associate dean responsible for innovation and inclusion of the MIT School of Management, and β€” specifically β€” Cingulani. The fund, which will be based in the Netherlands, is valued at billion euros To be invested in the development of businesses that are considered more interesting. The goal is support Dianaaccelerator startups NATO, thus recruiting new companies in new sectors of innovation, from artificial intelligence to robotics and biotechnology, Electronic security and space.

The purpose of the fund? Get rid of the facts outside of NATO

Diana and the New NATO Fund also have a long-term goal of separating themselves from the most innovative startups outside NATO, such as those Chinese. β€œIt is the first multinational sovereign venture capital fund. The size of a billion is not much, but we are trying to adapt to reality. Wired Alliance Deputy Secretary, Mircea Geoana. David Van Wiel, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security, added challenges … or by the largest venture capital funds.

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