Bruce Willis:

An official study by American actor Bruce Willis explained to the Daily Mail that in recent months the actor has suddenly begun to “change”, and before his family informed the world on March 30 that he had cancer, aphasia, a disorder forced him to stop. His profession.

Stuart F. Wilson explained that he had noticed for 17 years that Bruce Willis’s stunt double, 67-year-old “Die Heart” star had memory loss: “Then, it quickly became clear. More than just supervision.”

“Sometimes when you talk to him he seems distracted, we thought it was nothing, but you wondered if something else was going on. Being with someone so often you see changes. Sometimes we know other things are happening. He said he was tested for different things. We did it, but at the time we did not know what it was. “

A disability for many years

Bruce Willis’ declining intellectual prowess has not been a secret in Hollywood for a long time, but unnamed source told Page Six that the actor’s issues were covered up in order to respect his privacy.

“Everyone knows, the cast and crew,” the unnamed source said, adding that “Willis uses earbuds to whisper his lines to him and it’s getting harder to get him to the screen.”

If sanity is right, rumors about dementia have been strong in the popular press for years. The first symptoms are said to have occurred in 2015, during the comedian’s debut on Broadway’s Missouri, where he used an earring.

In 2019 OKMagazine Glass revealed his difficulties during the filming of the movie: “During the filming of Glass, the staff doubled his lines because he had difficulty remembering and / or delivering. In most scenes in class, he wears a hood because he uses one-liners instead. During filming, he did not laugh and was always with an assistant to guide him in his movements. The good news is that while the fear of dementia is real, the reporter wrote that it had no major impact on his ability to work in Hollywood, and as a true superhero, he would not slow down. Not for reasons like new technologies. Earrings allow players to pursue its potential. “

Unfortunately, the situation has worsened recently and the actor can no longer shoot. The news of this forced retirement moved many celebrities and anonymous people who showed their love and support to the actor and his family.

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