Annecy comes to crucify Villefranche at the time of the money

With a few minutes to go at the start of the 2nd period, on Friday evening, in the shock of being number one in the national table against Annecy, Villafranc missed the chance to put up a direct rival by five points. Worse, he joined in the 86th minute and was then crucified, while the Fujolாய்s club, who had lost simultaneously to Bork-Boronas in Saint-Briock, finished 3rd.

Again, Galatois could not cope with the championship pet, but it was due to the good work of the Annecy residents. With a dense midfield of five, Laurent Kyot’s players, who were pressing hard on a pack, were strong in the transition, preventing Wilfranche from strangling the regular in the game.

Posetti plays the executioners

As evidence, we saw only one opportunity in the first act, this crossroads from Elizabeth in the distant post of Florent da Silva, on his way Eskles was rescued (40th). The 2nd entry was converted by Tapasse and converted by Eliza, the 8th goal of the season (1-0, 47th), the FCVB thought they had made the hard part against the red wall.

But Annecy advanced on a corner taken by Mendy (1-1, 53rd). After hours of play, we returned to the sluggish form of the start of the game. But the training of the hot-sawards was excellent, and Pochetti, who got off the bench five minutes ago, came to pick up a center with a line from Kyrgyzstan to deliver the biggest blow to his people. And reduce the weight of an FCVB in the full renaissance by repeating at home against Saint-Brueck on Friday.

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National – 25th day
FC Villafranch-Peugeot – FC Annecy: 2-1 (0-0)
Referee: M. Walnet
But: Elizar (47th SP) to Wilfranche, Mendy (53rd) and Pochetti (86th) to Annecy
Warnings: Bonanfont (13th), Bockley (28th), Da Silva (54th), Dabasse (67th), Annecy Bastian (45th), Kashi (57th) for Villabranche
conditions: Mild weather, lawn in good condition, 1500 visitors
FCVB: Bouet – Romany, Flégeau, Bokele – Bonenfant, Da Silva, Sergio (cap), Taufflieb (Wissa 76e), Pagerie – Elisor, Dabasse (Khous 69e). Entry: Herv della Magiore
Annecy: Escales – Ruque, Goncalves, Mendy, Bastian – Rocchi (cap, Fillon 74e), Kashi, El Jahouari – Kyeremeh, Spano (Bosetti 80e), Testud. Entry: Laurent Coyote.


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