This Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Natalie was haunted C to you France 5. As usual, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine had produced her archive pictures. The actress showed off her money by inventing herself fifty years ago …

Natalie Bay would have had a rich life as an actress. Acting skills crowned with four Caesars: Twice as Best Supporting Actress, Save who (life) can (1981) and A strange affair (1982), and twice for Best Actress Balance (1983) and Little Lieutenant (2006). On the private side, Natalie was in a relationship with the haunted rocker Johnny Holiday, with whom she had a daughter, Laura Smed. The latter decided to be like his mother Start a career as an actress.

In his time To you c What Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Natalie did not hide the fact that she warned her descendants against the dangers of this very difficult job. “I was not going to encourage her, but I was right: ‘Know that this is very difficult, some of the elect’, She recalled. Finally, Laura Smead is not tired. She even shot with her mom The Guardians.

I’m on the verge of fainting

So one of the most beautiful characters in the Natalie ghost is the mother chicken. Before welcoming her daughter, in 1983, the actress had already achieved success. This Wednesday, May 19th, as usual, Anne-Elizabeth volunteered to visit her guest to find pictures of Lemo’s archive. In 1970 the Natalie ghost can be seen. This is one of his first roles on the stage tonight. She was playing inside Crolands work better Presented by Roger Ferdinand. The play is directed by Robert Manuel. “God“, She was blunted before revealing herself. “Archive is better”, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoin when looking at the comments. “Yeah you think so? When I see myself on the verge of fainting”, Loose Natalie Bay, is very uncomfortable. “I’m ugly, but it’s not possible”, She finishes. Cash secrets that made the whole set laugh.

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