Annika Love (42) shares her insights about motherhood! Has been married to presenter actor Frederick Law (32) for more than six years. The couple is currently welcoming three children into the world. Talk about how they feel in everyday life Annika And Frederick But only rarely. But now Munich’s origins give a comprehensive update on his children and their relationship.

Annika Grill Den Hensler, who was a guest with her husband and host Laura Vondora, 32, talked about raising her children: “Well, Freddie is a fun minister, I must say. I’m very strict at times.” Nowadays, both of them manage their time for themselves. “We always meet when the kids are asleep and then we always wake up late. We do a data night at home.”, 42-year-old explained. Recently, however, they also left for a full two days.

Annika But it was unraveled about breastfeeding – and explained that it was very difficult to wean her younger offspring. “He screamed a lot when I tried”, The former radio voice came to mind. However, a year and a half later, he met a woman who advised him to simply cover his breasts. “I did it, I felt weird at the time, but it worked,” she said happily.

Annika and Frederick Law in June 2015 in Berlin
“Krill Den Hensler” 2021 Frederick Law
Annika Love and Frederick Law in April 2018
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