News leaves you confused, the mass kidnapping happened in a place that should be safe for children but not so.

The kidnapping of 150 students in a Quranic school. An armed group stormed the building for reasons yet to be determined. Only the youngest pupils were released. the story.

Kidnapping in school

again in Nigeria And again at school. The news of the kidnapping of 150 students inside a Quranic school immediately spread around the world.

A group of armed men entered the school:The situation has reached crisis level. We know bandits have conquered the Tengina community Ravi locality. After one person was killed and another seriously wounded, they did Abduction of about 150 students11 of them were released– Said the spokeswoman for the Governor of the Federal State of Niger, Mary Noel Bergi.

Only a few children were released

However, the news is enriched with Free these eleven little ones, They are between 4 and 12 years old. The reasons for this kidnapping are still unknown, but it is believed to have been in exchange for a ransom.

Since the first investigations, the kidnappers first occupied the local police station, then in their raids around villages, shooting madly into the streets. He reached the Quranic school, They decide to force the disciples to follow them.

Investigations by local authorities

Many students have disappeared– The school director said. The competent authorities are chasing the road bandits who then fled to a forested area:So we’ve been on their way since then The moment there is no ransom note – they confirm.

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On the other hand, the released children were immediately reunited with their families.

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Rosalia Gigliano

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