Onda Okito Donzelli dispute: “Meloni’s betrayal” and “the lies of the left”

Georgia Meloni's first full calendar year is coming to a close, so it's time to take stock. How did you act? Has your government fulfilled its election promises? These are the questions to ask when creating such an account. According to Achille Occito, the last secretary of the Italian Communist Party, who spoke in In Onda's La7 studio, the prime minister did not go by the book with his voters. “The year started with something strange and even a bit extravagant, namely that everyone was surprised because Meloni did not do what she said in the election campaign,” begins the co-founder of the European Socialist Party. And then he continues his assessment: “Meloni also mocked the opposition a little, saying that you thought I was going to do those terrible things that I announced before the election, but instead you were wrong.” From these considerations the fuse was lit leading to the reaction of Giovanni Donzelli, responsible for organizing the Fratelli d'Italia, also a guest of the hosts Luca Tellez and Mariana Abril.

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The left said we would destroy power. Instead, these damages are not being done, not because Meloni is inconsistent, but because the left has said things that are not true,” the FDP deputy responded. She then refers to the book published by its leader, Io Sono Giorgia, as the programmatic manifesto. For the party. “What is in the book – claims Donzelli – is not what the left was talking about, but what Meloni is doing, which is therefore consistent with what he promised.”

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However, Okito had a more “systematic” approach. That is, “in the information system, some journalists have created a new political philosophy: that is, when you are in the opposition you say what you want, but then your position in the government is a completely different position,” so the given word can also be subverted. The guest made an appeal to politicians, regardless of their color: “This slogan must be abandoned, because it is a deception from which a crisis of democracy could arise.” Because when voters feel betrayed by their parties, electoral participation either declines according to the trend of recent years, or changes to something new. But Donzelli disagrees: “You have raised a systemic problem, but by saying that Meloni has betrayed her consensus,” but that is not the case.

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