Ukraine, Google Maps removes real-time traffic information to impede Russian military operations

also Google Maps Takes the field in defense of the Ukrainian people. In fact, the giant Mountain View app disabled real-time traffic information in Ukrainein a way that protects citizens from any attacks targeting the Russian army. google He also stopped live businesss, the integrated search engine service that allows you to see how crowded certain places are at certain times of the day. The goal is always the same: not to give any information to Russia As part of the conflict with Ukraine, he prohibited military action in places crowded with civilians.

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Google Maps removes traffic information in Ukraine to hamper Russian military operations

Google Maps real-time traffic uses the geolocation of individual smartphones to determine how busy an area is at any given moment: potentially important information for an army intent on attacking local residents. However, Google guarantees the service for those who are in the area and use it to travel step by step. This was confirmed by the local newspaper, Kyiv The Independent. Google’s decision comes on the heels of that made by Ukrainian highways two days ago, when road signs were removed across the country to confuse Russian troops on the ground.

And it’s not the only move the Mountain View giant has taken since the conflict began. YouTube has disabled monetization of videos published by Russian media or funded by Russia. The same type of companies can no longer generate income even through the Google search engine.

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