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Russia could move its nuclear weapons by positioning them not far from the US coast, re-creating a scenario evoking the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. This, according to the New York Times, is one of the measures proposed by Russian officials on the sidelines of the conference. Negotiations between Moscow and Western countries last week in the event that the demands of Vladimir Putin are not met. “Some of its officials suggested it could pursue Russia’s security interests” in various ways: “There were hints, not at all explicit, of the possibility of transferring nuclear weapons,” the New York Times said.

The New York Times notes that Putin has “pointed to this approach” over the past year, warning that if the West crosses the “red line,” the response will be unexpected. Indeed, Putin himself suggested last November that Russia deploy hypersonic submarine missiles at a distance that could strike Washington.

The Russian president has repeatedly stated that the prospect of Western military expansion in Ukraine poses an unacceptable risk because it could be used to launch nuclear strikes against Moscow within just a few minutes of warning. He said Russia could have done the same.

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