Is Carol Delga withdrawing from the National PS?

Carol Delca presents as Leader of the Legislative Assembly in Occitania. Contrary to the agreement with La France Insoumise, the regional leader presented Tornil with the first three candidates of the “Practical and Real Left”. Two are socialists and the other represents civil society.

This Thursday, April 28th, in Dorn, Carol Delga took action. The head of the Occitanie region announced before the second round of the presidential election that he would be engaged in a battle of legislative elections. Now it’s over.

The start of the operation took place in Albie, a few kilometers away from Jean Jorz’s Carmouss block. Carol Delco’s commitment was absolutely predictable. Could not be sidelined from watching the first Socialist match in Oxidania. Carol Delco’s nature naturally makes her enter the competition. On the other hand, the timing is pretty amazing.

Carol Delca is presenting the Assembly candidates publicly, while his party is negotiating a deal for the same election with La France Insoumise. Tempo shows color: Carol Delca becomes independent from the national authorities of the PS. According to the event organizers, the date was planned long before negotiations between PS and LFI could begin.

Carol Delca recognizes it for herself. He, as a minority, was subjected to the question of debate for legislators in the National Council of the PS, with La France Insoumise. Negotiations are ongoing.

I can not naturally recognize a union.

The head of the Occitanie region draws his map without waiting for a signature or a possible deal failure. He describes the negotiations. ” Politician politics .

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Carol Delga takes the accents of a former regional leader, Georges Fresh, and directly opposes Paris to Toulouse and Montpellier. Left domain Rubicon was not overthrown. The presentation of the Assembly candidates was made in the presence of the Socialist Chairman of the Departmental Council and the 1st Federation of the Party.

The regional leader used the slogan “” during the regional campaign. Drive Carol “But for the president of France’s largest region, launching his candidates and paving the way for a new party is not a question, formally, a question that has always been within the framework of the PS.

On the other hand, in terms of merit, Carol Delta clearly asserts her autonomy. An autonomy on the part of the national authorities of the PS is at risk of being considered a treason.

According to several sources within the Socialist Party, Carol Delca’s recent stance has gritted its teeth and the last National Council was tense. Entering the regional leader’s legislative campaign will create new tension.

Despite contact, the National PS did not respond.

When asked about the potential consequences of using the LFI-PS agreement, Carol Delca responded that the Dorn sector would not be affected.

According to the regional leader, a viable union can only relate to constituencies that are at risk of victory for the national rally. But in any case, the public launch of “local” candidates (stamped or affiliated PS) may go against promises made nationally.

All this is still a matter of purely virtual and imaginary politics. But one thing is clear. For legislative elections, for all elections, with or without agreement with the LFI or any other party, appointments are made on the basis of national powers and laws.

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According to Dorn, all three candidates were invested by the Federal Council. Their investment has not yet been verified by PS national officials. But the first secretary, Olivier Faure, would have been informed, according to a socialist source.

About a hundred kilometers from Albie, the Ariège Socialists are on the Torn Line. They, too, do not feel bound by a possible national agreement. But the situation is very “sensitive”. In and around Foix, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has two outgoing representatives. If agreed, LFI can ask the PS to slip up without fielding any candidate.

Hypothesis completely rejected by the leader of Ariège PS, close to Carol Delga: Kamel Sibley.


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